Saturday, March 31, 2007

Adam Marano

I am a big Adam Marano fan... but sometimes there is a cover a can do without. I bought this single because it was Adam's but really don't like the song. I'm posting it because I thought it is a rarity for Adam's fans and some might of never heard it before. So I am really curious as to what others think!!! but I guess no one even visits this page because I have like 1 comment. Anyway I will press on until AC Beats is a total success!! (maybe is should tell some friends!) LOL
All My Life (Euro Radio Edit)
All My Life (Ballad Version)

Friday, March 30, 2007


Well every freestyle fan probably has all of this Lil Lady's songs... but with the news that Suzy and her husband Marc are pregnant with their first child, AC Beats will congratulate them with some of Lil Suzy's best (or at least my favs!) I chose Take Me... because it was her first smash but this is a 2004 update. Kinda hard but worth a listen. Real Love is also an update from 2000 with new vocals and club friendly beat. "I Still Love You" was originally a ballad, but had remixes on the single (Also a spanish edit!). "I Can't Get You..." also had many mixes on the single but true to the main the "Funhouse" mix is my fav. I'm guessing Suzy will be pregnant at least 8 more months so that should give me plenty of time to post some more!
Take Me In Your Arms 2004 (Hard Bounce Radio Edit)

Real Love 2000

Can't Get You Out Of My Mind (Funhouse Radio Edit)

I Still Love You (Extended House Mix)

Wednesday, March 28, 2007


I guess I couldn't post a remake with out the original... well, I could... but this original is still the shit! I had to dig out my cassette for this pic! When I was a kid I didn't know Stevie B. sang those crazy synthed out backing vocals... Ah the life lessons you learn as an adult. LOL. On another thought, I always see this song mis-labeled on the internet. If you are sharing this on your computer... for god's sake make sure the title and artist is correct!
If You Leave Me Now


Here is the updated version of the classic song "If You Leave Me Now". Stevie B. wrote and also sang backing vocals on the original recorded by Jaya. This time around it's a duet with Alexia Phillips and co-produced by her brother Chris Phillips. This track is from Stevie B's "Right Here Right Now" album (which has a few tracks produced and written by Tolga!). The Kalifornia Kuts mix has an updated freestyle feel while the Planet Freestyle Mix has the funky melody beat (which is my fave)...
If You Leave Me Now (Planet Freestyle Radio Edit)

If You Leave Me Now (Kalifornia Kuts Radio Edit)

Sunday, March 25, 2007


Well here is a blast from the past... Even Frankie himself might laugh at this pic. Before he hit big, this early effort was put out on H.O.L.A. records in 1998. "Fiesta was released under Frankie's real name: Bautista and produced by Cibola productions. It is actually a little cheesy but goes great with crackers!
Fiesta (Cibola Bass Radio Edit)

Fiesta (Cibola House Radio Edit)

Friday, March 23, 2007


Not a big fan of Omarion but I can make room on my shelves for this mix of Ice Box. The Funkymix team (brothers of Ultimix) adds their flavor and brings up the tempo to 131 BPM. No bad for a R&B jam... Includes all vocals as well!
Ice Box (Funkymix)


Ultra Nate has quite a few club hits under her belt... hear is another single she is hoping to take off. And yes (if you hadn't heard it) it is a cover of The Pointer Sisters' "Automatic". This version stays pretty true to the original with a fresh update!
Automatic (Radio Edit)

Wednesday, March 21, 2007


Here is a little newer freestyle. This was a stomper in the Florida area back in 2000. "Masquerade" is the classic "funky melody" beat sped up with school girl vocals! The original version fell short with fans and this radio edit was added to the full length album. Science had another single called "Get Your Groove On" from the same CD.
P.S. There seems to me, a funny edit around :28-29 secs. Is it a short edit poorly done? Whatever, the case, this track is straight from the CD. I don't want the blame for it...LOL... Let me know if anyone else heres it...
Masquerade (Radio Edit)


When most people think of Will To Power, they think of a Top 40 band with the hit cover "Baby, I Love Your Way / Freebird Medley"... but WTP's debut album is mostly all freestyle hits. Only 2 ballads to be exact. Will To Power is still performing to date (although I think the female lead is different or she looks damn good!) . I saw their show this past winter at the "KTU Freestyle 4 All @ Taj Mahal". Original members included aria Mendez on vocals, Dr. J & founding member Bob Rosenberg... the mastermind of these hits and is still bangin' those keyboards like is 1989! Here's a few to bring you back!!! If anyone was at this show comment me on what you thought!

Fading Away

Say It's Gonna Rain

Tuesday, March 20, 2007


This is an interesting take on Melissa Etheridge... This edit is labeled the "Special Radio Edit" Although I have no idea why it is special. Perhaps to draw attetnion? If anyone knows drop me a message.
The Way I Do (Special Radio Edit)

Monday, March 19, 2007


Our friend over at TheAfterHoursBlog posted this song a short time ago... I just threw in some spare "Change" (Ok I'm not a comedian LOL) This is the Jason Nevins Radio Edit.
Change (Jason Nevins Radio Edit)


Can the world handle another girl trio... well i guess we can give them their 15 mins. LOL! Here is their single "He's Alive". I've posted the Jody's Radio Edit but you might want to check the original as well... it's not terrible. Ha
He's Alive (Jody's Radio Edit)


NV first came on the scene in '94, produced by Tony Garcia on High Power Records (of Lil' Suzy fame). His release "Some Kind Of Love" has a handful of great tracks. I have never heard anything from him after this CD. Here are two random picks...
Crimes Of Love

I Can't Go On


Chelo's CD 360* really didn't move too many copies... MTV put his video "Cha Cha" in rotation for a quick minute but fizzaled out shortly after. To me the song Touch 2nite is the stand out track from the CD and probably better suited for a single. It has a Justin Timberlake flow.
Touch 2Nite


Most people either loved or hated her single Gypsy Woman (She's Homeless), but it was a big hit regardless. Makin' Happy was a sleeper track off the same album. It was released as a single (which I had the cassette single) with the Steve Hurly House Mix. I still like to listen to this song today. As mentioned in earlier posts my scanner is broke so I used a generic Crystal pic. I really like the cover and hope to get it up soon. UPDATE: 3-28-07 Here is the Makin' Happy pic...
Makin' Happy (Steve Hurley's Happy House Radio Edit)

Sunday, March 18, 2007


Tina Ann was a favorite of mine since the first listen!!! I was hooked on her Dynamix track but could not get "In My Dreams" out of my CD player. (I had to get 2 copies... 1 for home & 1 for my car). Since I love them all, I have trouble picking what songs to post so I made a megamix... eventually I will have all her songs up. I think this CD was over looked by many but deserves a listen by all. Get a copy. It's on Heart Records.
Marc D's Tina Ann Megamix


Thanks Cindy for the request... Here it is! The Spanish version of "I'll Be Loving You". Collage is one of my favorite freestyle acts. I have mostly every song he/they put out. Anthony Monteleone sang lead vocals on Collage's first CD "Chapter One". After that success Adam Marano stepped in to record the rest of Collage's hits. Adam has re-released these songs many times over with his own vocals on various Viper collections. He even re-did the spanish version with his own vocals. Here is the original spanish version with Anthony's vocals and the 2000 version with Adam's vocals. Also I have included a BRAND NEW Collage song from February 2007 called "Set Your Love Free". It may have to grow on me, first listen I wasn't sold completely. But with as many songs as Adam Marano has put out there is going to be something that doesn't grab my ear on the first listen. Let me know what versions you guys like best

I'll Be Loving You (Original Spanish Version)

I'll Be Loving You (2000 Spanish Version) (with Adam's Vocals)

Set Your Love Free (Radio Edit)


Who didn't love this "When In Rome" hit? While the original is my favorite, this is the best dance cover version out there... and still stays true to the original with all the vocals.
The Promise (Radio Edit)


Okay... I know everybody already has this song... but here is the story. I got the TKA greatest hits album (back in the day when I was a kid) on cassette. Maria was 5:17 minutes long. Then when I replaced all my cassettes with CDs I noticed it was 6:57 minutes long. There is also 3 different radio edits (i don't know if they were released commerically). 1 at 3:49, 2nd at 4:21, 3rd at 4:29. So the question is, Which one does your local radio station play?? Here is Radio #1.
Of course fans will notice most of the ad-lib at the end of the song is missing. But it is still fun to have.
Maria (Radio Edit 1)


Tolga Katas produced and wrote a lot of freestyle hits such as Linear's "Sending All My Love" (which Tolga also recorded himself). He released a CD of his own called "The Best of
Tolga and Friends". Here is a single he put out from that CD.
Lovin' Fool


Well as you can see I use the same pics... but these are different songs. Don't Stop Now was not one of The Girls' most popular hits but I used to love this song. The Boss 97 WBSS used to play in heavy rotation. I came along my single... Unfornately my scanner is broke and I can't upload the cover. My Heart Skips A Beat was from there second ablum "We Can't Go Wrong".
Don't Stop Now (Radio Edit)
My Heart Skips A Beat


Originally released in February 2005 on Virgin, It is now picked up by Ultra Records whom I guess they are gonna give it another go round. The retail single is out now which includes a hot Deep Dish remix and the full-length video. Here is the F.M.I.F. Radio Edit, which stands for F**K Me I'm Famous Radio Edit but the record company thought that is a bit too much for Americans to handle.
The World Is Mine (FMIF Radio Edit)


This song has been playing everywhere. Here is the Jason Nevins radio edit... This track was available as a bonus download when you buy the CD from Best Buy.
This Ain't A Scene... (Jason Nevins Funkrock Radio Edit)

Wednesday, March 14, 2007


Of course any fan of freestyle knows The Cover Girls. Here is their hit Inside Out. (my radio edit of course)!
Inside Out (MD Radio Edit)


The Paula DeAnda song below made me think of this favorite of mine "Walking Away" by Craig David. I really like all his work... The original has a slower R&B feel. The Ignorants Mix is the top pick by far. It is almost a whole new reworking of the song. The Ignorants mixes are the same except the radio edit does not have the Craig David intro or rap.
Walking Away (Original)
Walking Away (The Ignorants Mix)
Walking Away (The Ignorants Radio Edit)


This song has been a sleeper for radio, while MTV Hits has already taken it out of rotation. Some area stations like, Q102 philly (WIOQ), have been spinning it for some time though. The version with raps by "The Dey" is from the Paula DeAnda album, which is also used for the video. The version without the raps was released to adult top 40 stations and is dubbed the "radio edit". This hook doesn't leave my mind. I prefer with the raps as they don't overtake the song.

Walk Away (feat. The Dey)

Walk Away (Radio Edit)

Monday, March 12, 2007


Well I guess Marc Anthony has brushed up J. Lo on her Spanish... I can remeber back when she was on the Christina show having to use "spanglish" because she was struggling. Well it looks like it all worked out for her new spanish album.

Que Hiciste (Album Version)

Que Hiciste (Reggaeton Mix)


Kind of a strange name for a band... I think this is the second single off their CD. The Linus Loves mix is my pick.
In The Clouds (Album Mix)

In The Clouds (Tall Pall Radio Edit)


In The Clouds (Linus Loves Radio Edit)



Robbie Williams has always been a favorite of mine (he started out in the Brit boy band, Take That... Thanks Simon Fuller) but never really caught on in USA???
Rudebox (Radio Edit)


While the original got pleanty of air play, only in club land could you hear this mix. This is the radio edit of the favorited Pumpin' Dolls Mix.
Maria Maria (Pumpin' Dolls Radio Edit)


Although their live stage shows the past couple of years are a little to goth for me, there earlier works are still great!

What's On Your Mind (Pure Energy) (Junior Vasquez Radio Edit)

What's On Your Mind (Pure Energy) (12" Extended Mix)

Sunday, March 11, 2007


I have so many favorites, it's hard for me to choose. My collection is a little different than most, in that I specialize in "radio edits". Most always go for the extended or club mixes (which I also enjoy and collect). I always search out the radio edit, that in some cases, is harder to find! Anwyay if you have a request please post. 80's, 90's, dance, freestyle... If I have it I'll post it, or try my best to get it!
Send Requests to: AtlanticCityBeats@comcast.net Please include your name or screenname!


Here is the Ultimix feat. Ghostface Killah. I could probably do with out the rap, but Ultimix always does a great job!
Irreplaceable (feat. Ghostface Killah) (Ultimix)


I know this is the second second single off her new album, but this is the song that really made me look at her. Before this song, I considered most of her stuff kids fluff (maybe b/c she was a kid). I posted the original because I am really feelin the electric vibe.

With Love (Radio Edit)



Thanks to everyone who visits my blog. Please keep in mind this is my first blog ever and actually my first internet venture besides e-mail! So with that said, please feel free to make comments bad or good. Nothing will be taken personally and most will probably help. Please check back for great music I hope to post. My favorites are Freestyle, Dance, Latin, & remixed Top 40.