Tuesday, January 29, 2008

CIARA feat. MISSY ELLIOTT (request)

1,2 Step
1,2 Step (Instrumental)
1,2 Step (Funkymix 82)
1,2 Step (Johnny Budz Radio Edit)
1,2 Step (Redz Remix)
1,2 Step (Lucky Club Mix)
1,2 Step (DJ Laz & DJ Gabriel Club Mix)

TONI BRAXTON (request)

I was pleased to get a request for this song because the Soul-Hex Anthem Mix is one of my all time favorite mixes... There was a radio edit release on a compilation called "Superstars Remixed" but that edit blows... it is upcut from the beginning the then just fades the end... There was never an official radio edit on the cd single, but what I never understood is, they put the Frankie Knuckles Classic radio edit on the single but not the Club Mix???? Long story longer, I (of Course) have made a radio edit & mixshow edit. Enjoy (but don't steal) LOL
Un-Break My Heart (Album Version)
Un-Break My Heart (Album Instrumental)
Un-Break My Heart (Classic Radio Mix) AKA Frankie Knuckles Classic Radio Edit
Un-Break My Heart (Soul-Hex Anthem Vocal)
Un-Break My Heart (AC Beats Soul-Hex Mixshow Edit 1)
Un-Break My Heart (AC Beats Soul-Hex Radio Edit 1)

Thursday, January 24, 2008

CHER (request)

I had a request for Cher's "Believe"... and I really didn't understand, see I thought everyone in the whole wide world, gay, straight, purple or black, was already overexposed to this 4 minutes of Vocoded craziness... T-Pain give it up! Cher did it back in '98 LOL! Well if you don't have it already enjoy!
Believe (Album Version)
Believe (Club 69 Future Radio Edit)
Believe (Xenomania Radio Edit)
Believe (AC Beats Disco House Radio Edit)
Believe (Disco House Club Mix)
Believe (Acapella)

Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Those of you who have this single, know there are only 5 tracks on it... All the radio edits are left off. Fornately for you Atlantic City Beats will now share with you the commercially released single as well as the radio only promo!!!! You know Daddy's hookin' u up! LOL
Memories (Original Radio Edit)
Memories (Original Extended)
Memories (Mainstream Radio Edit)
Memories (Mainstream Mix)
Memories (Euro Radio Edit)
Memories (Euro Mix)
Memories (Hideout Radio Edit)
Memories (Hideout Mix)
Memories (Hideout Dub)
BONUS: Did you know?? that Lil' Suzy's Memories is a cover originally done by Netzwerk!!!
Netzwerk - Memories (AC Beats Radio Edit)
Netzwerk - Memories (Original)
Netzwerk - Memories (E.U.R.O. Mix)