Wednesday, November 21, 2007



I HATE Adam Sandler... Mainly because his movies are like old fuckin' piles of rancid, smelly garbage that, no matter how times you throw it away, more always seem to come! But some of you might like him & I like turkey, so here is a Thanksgiving song!

CASCADA (request)

I think every Dance artist records this song! LOL
LINK REMOVED by request

TIMBALAND presents ONE REPUBLIC (request)

There are few mixes of this song... but I really don't like too many of them. The Lenny Bertoldo mixes are good... This mix below is top pick for me (and I guess Jeff too) LOL!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Lately I saw some of my radio edits around the web... but with a changed label or without credit... I really don't mind reposting but if you take an AC Beats edit and you like it, just keep the original label or give credit! These songs don't edit themselves you know! LOL my ears are blown and my eyes are blurry from stairing at the WAV graphs of these crazy beats! lol... Anyway Enjoy but don't steal! That's bad.


When You're Gone (AC Beats Speakerbox Radio Edit)
When You're Gone (Speakerbox Club Mix)

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

CELINE DION (request)

Taking Chances (AC Beats I-Soul Radio Edit)
Taking Chances (I-Soul Club Mix)
Taking Chances (AC Beats Ralphi & Craig J's Radio Edit)
Taking Chances (AC Beats Ralphi & Craig J's Full Vocal Radio Edit)

SAVING JANE (request)

Girl Next Door (AC Beats Josh Harris Radio Edit) Cold ending
Girl Next Door (AC Beats Josh Harris Radio Edit) Fade ending


I guess everybody already has the "Somebody's Me" remixes but a lot of people are asking for the radio edits??? Interesting.... Keep the "edit" ALIVE!!! lol
Somebody's Me (Album Version)
Somebody's Me (Jody den Broeder Club Mix)
Somebody's Me (Jody den Broeder Dub)
Somebody's Me (Jody den Broeder Radio Edit)
Somebody's Me (MARK!'s Club Mix)
Somebody's Me (MARK!'s Flava Dub)
Somebody's Me (MARKS! Radio Edit)
Alguien Soy Yo


OK, so there has been some type of edit floating around, about 3:21 mins. long.... I think it's from that "Thrive Mix"... My opinion is that edit is complete garbage... I don't buy those Thrive mix CD's, so maybe it sounds good in the mix, but as a stand alone radio edit... It sucks a$$! Here is my interpretation of a radio edit... Maybe some of you think mine sucks a$$ too.. either way leave a comment! LOL Please, if you post on another sight just keep the label the same, as it is my edit! Thanks

Love Story (Soul Banger Club Mix)
Love Story (AC Beats Soul Banger Radio Edit)

P.S. Still looking for a HQ Solar City Mix... if anyone has a link... pass it by Thanks!

Wednesday, October 31, 2007


If you like Johnny O & Cynthia's "Dream Boy, Dream Girl"... you will probably like this song as well... Classic freestyle!!!
Forever Amo'r (Radio Edit)
Forever Amo'r (12'' Extended Mix)
Games Of Love (Radio Edit)
Games Of Love (12'' Extended Mix)

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Tribute to TOSE

Tose died in a car crash Tuesday... He was very big in the Macedonian community... read more about Tose below...

Skopje: Macedonia’s most famous pop singer, Tose Proeski, died in a car accident on Tuesday morning when his car collided with a truck near the Croatian town of Nova Gradiska. Proeski was one of the most popular singers in the Balkans, and the most beloved teen pop idol in Macedonia. He was also recognised for his humanitarian activities as he held numerous concerts to collect money for handicapped children and for children growing without parents.
Erwan Fouere, the EU Special Representative to Macedonia said in a statement: "Today is a very tragic day for Macedonian people as well as for all music lovers throughout Europe and the world. Tose Proeski was a young, extremely gifted and exceptional musician. As Ambassador of UNICEF, he spared no effort in fighting for humanity and helping children, especially the ones with disabilities, as well as others in need." Born in the central Macedonian town of Krusevo, Proeski’s first public performance was at a local children’s festival in 1998. He represented Macedonia at the Eurovision Song Contest in 2004. Earlier this year, he was named as the most popular singer in Croatia, as one of his songs was the number one hit for 2006 in that country. He was equally popular in Serbia, Montenegro and Bosnia, and was also famous further afield, in Ukraine and Belorussia. Around thirty thousand fans attended his last concert in Skopje held on October 5. There was shock and disbelief in the streets of the Macedonian capital, Skopje, as people found out about the tragedy. According to media reports crowds poured into churches in Skopje to light candles for Tose while shocked teenagers gathered in the main square. The media have reported Proeski’s death in news flashes and special bulletins. The Macedonian parliament cancelled the session scheduled for today after deputies observed a minute`s silence to pay their respect "to a legend", as parliamentary speaker Ljubisa Georgievski called the young singer. Macedonia's government said it will declare October 17 a day of mourning.

Watch Tose videos here!
Hold Me Tight
Limenka (Club Edit)

Saturday, September 22, 2007


Aubrey is best known for her hit "Stand Still"... here is her cover version of Madonna's "Angel"
Angel (ANR Radio Edit)

Friday, September 21, 2007

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

RIHANNA (request)

I'm sure everybody has the album version by now so I'm just posting the request of Shut Up & Drive - the Wideboys Radio Edit
Shut Up And Drive (AC Beats Wideboys Radio Edit)

TIFFANY (request)

I'm not a fan of this song... Maybe she should stick to posing for Playboy! LOL

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

INXS (request)

Here are some random INXS tunes laying around.
The "Need You Tonight (Big Bump Club Mix)" is king. I had the Pretty Vegas club mix but it's not coming up in my database... It's probably misslabeled! LOL So right now you get the radio edit! Anyway something tells me a lot of you guys like the 12'' LMAO!
And YES I chose an old pic of INXS...


Don't Stop The Music (Album Version)
Don't Stop The Music (Jody den Broeder Radio Edit)
Don't Stop The Music (AC Beats Wideboys Radio Edit)
Don't Stop The Music (The Wideboys Radio Edit)
Don't Stop The Music (The Wideboys Club Mix)


OK This song is old, but my boy at Freestyle Flava posted this freestyle mix and a few emailed about a radio edit! Don't ask me where he get this mix just check out www.freestyleflava.blogspot.com

Sunday, August 19, 2007


This girl trying to take over Kat DeLuna's spot for "song of the summer" LOL The promo has this radio edit, extended mix which is the same with another rap infront, instrumental and album version...
I Fell In Love With The DJ (feat. Cham) (Radio Edit)

SASH! feat. TINA COUSINS (request)

So I only have this radio promo which is also the version on Tina Cousins full length album "Killing Time"... I figured I'd post it anyway....
Mysterious Times (feat. Tina Cousins) (Radio Edit)

Thursday, August 16, 2007

DONNA SUMMER (request)

I don't know if my single was released to radio with a different single released for sale because mine has mostly radio edits and leaves out Rosabel and Warren Rigg Club Mixes???? but has the radio edits..... ???
I Will Go With You (Club 69 Future Club Mix)
I Will Go With You (Club 69 Radio Edit)
I Will Go With You (Hex Hector Club Mix)
I Will Go With You (Hex Hector Radio Edit)
I Will Go With You (Rosabel Radio Edit)
I Will Go With You (Skillmasters Mix)
I Will Go With You (Warren Rigg Radio Edit - Cold End)
I Will Go With You (Welcome Downtempo Radio Edit)

JAM & SPOON (request)

KINA (request)

Girl From The Gutter (Thunderpuss Club Mix)
Girl From The Gutter (Thunderpuss Radio Edit)
Me (Thunderpuss Club Mix)
Me (Thunderpuss Radio Edit)


Tuesday, August 7, 2007


OK, I would never post this version but a friend of mine asked for it to DJ a kids/tween party and I thought it was pretty funny.... So maybe other DJ's will want too??? This version is basically the video version except the word "suicidal" is taken out! LOL it's pretty funny to me because it's such a hit, everyone knows what he's saying... and if you like to sing along this will surely get on your nerves!