Friday, March 28, 2008


First... I'm not posting all the mixes because this song is old and you could probably find them elsewhere... But here is the Lenny B 2008 Electro mix... It sounds very similar to the original Lenny B mix, just with added elements and a mega breakdown! LOL Here is my radio edit!.. Another Atlantic City Beats exclusive!! HOLLA
Toxic (AC Beats Lenny B's 2008 Electro Radio Edit)
Toxic (Lenny B's 2008 Electro Club Mix)

Sunday, March 23, 2008

KEYSHIA COLE (request)

Let It Go (AC Beats K Klass Radio Edit) fade
Let It Go (AC Beats K Klass Radio Edit) cold
Let It Go (K Klass Klub Mix)


How many mixes of this song are there?????????????
Apologize (feat. One Republic) (AC Beats Daft Punk Inspired Radio Edit)
Apologize (feat. One Republic) (Daft Punk Inspired Mix)

ERIC ALLAMAN (request)

A blog reader asked me to edit this song... and I will admit, I had never heard of this song or Eric Allaman before... (I couldn't even find a pic of Eric Allaman on the web, WTF) anyway the song is pretty good, although very lengthy and has tons of vocals and lots of transitions... Here are my edits...
Dying To Be With You (AC Beats Solar City vs. Casey Alva Radio Edit 1) cold

Friday, March 21, 2008

DANITY KANE (request)

The Popstar mix has a couple of funny vocal loops in it... and weird musical transitions... here are my ideas of some edits.
Damaged (AC Beats Popstar Radio Edit)
Damaged (AC Beats Extra Vocal Popstar Edit)
Damaged (Popstar Mix)

Wednesday, March 19, 2008


I know you can catch this song and mixes on any blog now... so the story is this.. The Dave Aude Radio Edit has the word F*CK in it... And we all know it's not suitable for radio with all that foolishiness smack in the middle! So here is my cleaned up version... Mind you, I didn't edit the song length wise (it was already 4:05) I just replaced the F word!!!! Is it good or no?? tell me???
Outta My Head (Dave Aude 'AC Beats Clean' Radio Edit)

Sunday, March 16, 2008


The official (German) single with the radio edits doesn't come out until March 28... So you all will just have to SUFFER with my BOGUS radio edits... Such agony...LOL
Touch My Body (Radio Edit)
Touch My Body (Instrumental)
Touch My Body (AC Beats Craig C's Radio Edit 1)
Touch My Body (Craig C's Club Mix)
Touch My Body (AC Beats Seamus Haji Radio Edit)
Touch My Body (Seamus Haji Club Mix)

Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Alright... so I did what I could with this mix... even without proper intros & outros it's still fun!
Shadow Of The Day (AC Beats Blake Jarrell Radio Edit)

CHRIS BROWN (request)

Alright boys and girls... Daddy's hookin' up a radio edit on the fly... And u KNOW, there aren't any out there! LOL....
Ok so here's a little breakdown... I couldn't decide on a final edit... Edit 1 & 1.1 are the same just with different intros... edit 2 & 2.1 have the same intros but they have a break at 2:31...
Let me know which version you guys like?? just curious... LOL

Tuesday, March 4, 2008


I'm letting ya'll know now that some of these mixes are from other blogs... I downloaded them a while back so 2 save me pain of uploading I'm using some public links I found from RemixesGalore. So thanks to whoever runs that blog... LOL . Although, the AC Beats radio edit is mine... hope u like it!
Dance Floor Anthem (Sam998899's Loved Up Radio Edit)
Dance Floor Anthem (Sam998899's Loved Up Mixshow)
Dance Floor Anthem (Sam998899's Loved Up Club Mix)
Dance Floor Anthem (Lindbergh Palace Mix)
Dance Floor Anthem (Drew G & Brad Lee Mix)
Dance Floor Anthem (AC Beats Drew G & Brad Lee Radio Edit)

Sunday, March 2, 2008

THE PRODUCT G&B (request)

These are the dudes that sang "Maria, Maria" for Carlos Santana... so in return he hopped on their 1 hit... Too bad the song reaks like 12 day old meat in the sun... but the RR Tribal mix is fun.
Dirty Dancin' (Radio Edit)
Dirty Dancin' (Instrumental)
Dirty Dancin' (Robbie Rivera Tribal Radio Edit)


Of course every freestyle fan has this jam... but these are HQ links direct from the CD! plus some new mixes as well... The newer versions have Adam Marano's vocals and the originals have Anthony's.