Sunday, September 28, 2008

LA BOUCHE (request)

Doesn't everybody already have this song?????? LOL
Be My Lover (Original Club Mix)
Be My Lover (Original Radio Edit)
Be My Lover (Alex Goes To Cleveland Mix)
Be My Lover (Doug Laurent Classic Mix Edit)
Be My Lover (Euro Dance Mix)
Be My Lover (Hi-NRG Mix)
Be My Lover (House Mix)
Be My Lover (House Radio Edit)
Be My Lover (Spike Club Mix)
Be My Lover (Trance Mix)
Be My Lover (Serious Groove Dub Mix)


juper said...

ah! thank you sooo much!! Super hard to find!! Thank you!!! :D

Rico said...

Back in that time...i was still buying CD Singles from The Wall music store..darn things were like 7.99 each. One of my FAVORITE dance songs EVER!!

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