Saturday, May 16, 2009


Hey guys you all know Kristine W. (The Queen of the Clubs) LOL... "Love Is The Look" has been floating around for a little bit but her NEW single "Be Alright" will be available for free download and her NEW full length album " The Power of Music" is set to drop on June 12th. Please show Kristine some love, so she can continue to bring us great dance music!

Check this out...
The 16-track album features some of the music industry’s most influential players including Grammy-nominated producers Love To Infinity UK, Grammy Award winning producer Hex Hector, guitar legend George Lynch, and a performance by the notorious rapper, Big Daddy Kane, who lends his talents to the album’s title track, “The Power of Music”. There are also a wide variety of remixes available as well.

Kristine W. myspace

Official Website

Kristine W. YouTube

Back on March 18 our friends at The Remix Archive made a post about Kristine W.
CLICK HERE to check it out


Anonymous said...

It is actually the 16th, not the 12th... believe me, I've been waiting :)

Kosmos said...

Great Guys!

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