Friday, June 15, 2007

ABIGAIL (request)

Damn I used to love this track! The Thunderpuss Club mix comes in at 11:46! You can get from The Tropicana to the Trump Taj Mahal faster! LOL
If It Don't Fit... (Thunderpuss Radio Edit)
If It Don't Fit... (Thunderpuss Club Mix)
If It Don't Fit... (Eric Kupper Radio Edit)
If It Don't Fit... (Eric Kupper Club Mix)
If It Don't Fit (Mike Macaluso Mix)
BONUS: My #1 Fav from Abigail This song is great for all you born-agains & all you pride goers! LOL
Let The Joy Rise (Thunderpuss Club Mix)

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Tallsonofagun said...

Love these tracks by Abigail too. Thanks for posting them. Great blog. I´ve got a special love for 90´s/00´s Dance tracks and 80´s/90´s Freestyle as well and you´ve got some really amazing stuff here.

I have a request for 2 tracks I´ve been looking for for almost a decade now and maybe there is some chance you have them or know how to get them, so I´ll ask. I´m looking for a remix of Ethyl Meatplow´s "Queenie" or a more contemporary house mix of Uncanny Alliance´s "I´m Beautiful"?

I used to hear "Queenie" in all the big club´s in the early 90´s because of that really dirty chanting chorus "f*ck*n´ b*tch c*nt f*ck*n´ d*ck..." and I think the remix was by MK (Mark Kinchen I think is his real name - big house producer/DJ from the period), although there may have been others that remixed it. This is my holy grail of remixed club tracks and no one seems to have it.

I´ve also been looking for a remix of Uncanny Alliance´s "I´m Beautiful" from that same period, although I´m looking for anything that has been done more recently and is not off of the original 12" single (because the house mix on that is a little weak and too dated). This is the track who´s chorus is, "I´m Beautiful Dammit!" and Bette Midler remade it a few years ago and it became a big club hit all over again. I like the original version better though and would love to find a contemporary mix of the song.

If there is any chance you have one of these or have some ideas on where these might be available? Even if you don´t, now that I´ve found your blog, I´ll be back to visit a lot. Thanks for the great tunes.